Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The day I've been waiting for...

Today is "Production Day" for my Enchanted Doll! It's the day that her artist/creator officially begins work on her. From start to finish she will take two weeks or so--and then, I hope, a speedy delivery of the precious package, home to me.

Marina Bychkova is the artist of
Enchanted Dolls. They are 13 1/2 inches tall with full-porcelain, articulated bodies. I discovered them in 2008 when I fell in love with Biscuitbear's Chandrakala. At that time, Marina was preparing for several important shows and wasn't taking any orders for new dolls; for months, all I could do was gaze at their pictures and hope one of the coveted spots would someday come to me. At last, in February of this year, I got the longed-for email, and I've been counting down the days ever since.

For months, the biggest question in my life has been, What should my doll look like? Which sculpt, which skin tone, what hair color, what customizations? All her dolls are exquisitely beautiful; it's very difficult to choose among them, let alone propose new versions. I had my heart set on a tanned beauty to be my Island Girl, but sadly, tan slip has been unavailable... and I didn't want to delay my doll until it was. The one thing I knew for certain was what I would name her: Yren.

A few weeks ago, Marina helped me with deciding the customizations, and now I am extremely anxious to see my girl. Until she arrives, I can't know exactly what she looks like. But here is a doll made from the same sculpt, the Gwendolyn mold. The photograph was taken by Chad Isley.


Mandana said...

I'm so excited for you. I can't wait to see Yren!!

Paiva said...

Thank you, Mandana! I hope that everyone waiting for EDs has a friend like you to encourage them!