Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Enchanted Doll ATCs

Thinking about Silkthread's shawl reminds me of the gift I made for her in the forum swap, a set of Enchanted Doll artists' trading cards. ATCs can't be sold, only traded or given away, and that's part of what makes them so fun to make.

First I asked Chad if it was okay to use his photos for them, and he gave his permission. The back sides all had credits to Chad and Marina, the name of the Enchanted Doll, and the marking 1 of 1.

I won't show them all, but here's a favorite--Sapphire and the Green Tree. Enchanted Dolls have such a presence, in addition to their beauty, that the images Chad creates for them can easily become the basis of yet another art form.

How many degrees of separation is this ATC from the person who inspired the doll? Let's see:

1. A person whose visage and presence inspires Marina.

2. The photograph of this person she uses as a visual reference, or possibly the sketches she makes of her, unless she sculpts directly from life.

3. The sculpt she makes of a doll resembling this person. For this purpose, I think we can count the sculpt, the mold, and the finished doll as one step.

4. The photograph Chad makes of the finished doll.

5. My cropped and cut-out detail of Chad's photograph; the finished ATC could maybe be considered a separate step but we'll call it the same.

6. If I used the ATC as part of a collage, or a page of an altered book, or even just a decoration in Yren's scrapbook... Or if you liked Sapphire beside the tree and drew a little sketch of her this way... Then any of these could be the sixth iteration of this image. Oh, heavens, let's go for seven iterations, the perfect number:

7. A doll maker might see your little sketch of my ATC of Chad's photograph of Marina's doll of a beautiful girl, and be inspired to design a doll of it.

Whoa ho! Now that I've just figured out how to make Blogger do something other than float my pics to the top, I will post one more: The Rescue of Gwendolyn. It's just simple, but I like the way it implies four scales of human beings: the tiny knight, rescuing middle-size Gwendolyn, captive in the hands of a giant, while the giant is captive in your hand as you hold the card. Gwennie doesn't seem too afraid of this giant, though.

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