Thursday, July 23, 2009

Doll Friends in Australia

Loving Mayple's artwork as I do, I was thrilled beyond telling when she sent me this drawing of my own Enchanted Doll as an Island Girl.

My own Yren, in grass skirt and lei, relaxing against bright floral pillows, with flowers at her feet and flowers in her hair! Mayple draws with such ease and assurance: you have the sense of Yren's body against the pillows, and of how puffy and soft they are, and how delicate the flowers...

And down at the bottom of the page, you see Mayple herself, with her Fern, the most beautiful doll in the hemisphere. This letter has historic-ED importance, too: while writing it, Mayple first realized that she wanted to name her girl Fern instead of Orchid.

Of course I loved this treasure immediately--but there's more!

The letter came inside a package, and also in the package were....wait for it....Pillow Covers just like the ones in the sketch! And the same sweet little flower pot, just like in the sketch too! So the real Yren will be surrounded by pretty things, just as she is in her portrait. And there were more treasures too, including some Australian chocolate (mmmmmmm!)

I won't have such an exciting package again until Yren herself arrives home, O Hasten the Day! Since Mayple's production date was immediately after mine, we like to think of our girls side by side on Marina's work table, conversing inaudibly as we know dolls do.

What? You don't know how dolls talk? Well then, you need to read Rumer Godden's Miss Happiness and Miss Flower. Many things about dolls will become clear to you then. Including, possibly, how people who love them, even from opposite sides of the world, end up friends because of them.


Anonymous said...

: ) Thankyou for all your sweetness.

Marina's art certainly has helped create many cross-continental friendships : )

aneemal said...

This post warmed the cockles of my heart :)