Friday, July 17, 2009

From Marina's Milwaukee Show

Here's a picture I'm betting no one else has. It is an uncropped close-up of the bottom half of Dunyazade's dress.

Did I mean to take a picture of the bottom half of Dunyazade's dress? No I did not. I meant to take a picture of the top half of her dress including her face, but the flash didn't go off so I was just turning the camera around to see what was the matter with it. Then the flash went off. Paradoxically, this picture is not blurry like most of the others, this picture is actually one of my better pictures.

And now I am extremely glad to have this close-up of Dunyazade's dress because it is so helpful in observing and understanding one of Marina's brilliant small-scale sewing techniques: she does not use seam allowances! She has a way of sealing raw edges so that turnings are not needed. Seam allowances and facings are some of the most difficult, effect-ruining sewing elements a doll costumer has to deal with--and she has waved a magic wand and made them vanish!

As a doll costumer I am indebted to her, and when Yren arrives I mean to try this out.

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