Friday, July 31, 2009

Guess Beads Update

Well, Hobby Lobby did not have any round beads smaller than 4 mm for my necklaces. So I got online and found just what I wanted at Beadaholique. Black onyx round beads, white serpentine round beads.... and pink rhodonite ones, just for fun! All in 2 mm! Yikes, with pink beads, I might end up designing something original!

The beads of the necklace I already made were 4 mm, so I'm thinking 2 mm ought to look more to scale for Yren. And I'm going to string them on a skinnier, more supple cord too--maybe even sewing thread--so they'll hang better. The cord I used before was making them bow out.

If I get good service from Beadaholique, I'll have another favorite online shop to add to my list! In addition to having what I wanted, they also have a slick ordering interface and they take paypal, so I'm very happy with them so far.

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