Saturday, July 11, 2009

Is this the face that launched a thousand ships?

A short time before your ED production date, Marina emails you to ask for your final details--the colors and customizations you would like for your doll. When that message came to me, I sent one back describing the rosy-cheeked, fair-skinned, and blue-eyed girl I was wishing for. And I knew Marina could make a lovely doll just from that description, but still I wished for a photograph to show her what I had in mind.

Rather doubting my chance for success, I started poking up searches in Google Images... and before many thumbnails had flashed by, this Helen appeared, illuminating the screen. I don't know who she is, and it doesn't matter--hers is the picture I sent to Marina as an inspiration for the fair, rosy, radiantly pretty girl I envisioned.

Notice especially her nicely-shaped eyebrows... you might be seeing them again before too long.


thelonglostwoods said...

Oh ruth she's so cute! I can't wait to see Yren!! i imagine her as a pretty little english rose now, for some reason I was imagining her much darker. Are you getting her with dark brown/black hair, or a lighter shade of blonde-brown like in the photo?

Paiva said...

She will come with black/brown hair, but she is going to have lots of wigs in different colors. She already has one here waiting for her. I hope you are able to find the forest green that you want for Fern's hair--that will be very cool!

aneemal said...

Oh she's scumptious! What lovely features and colouring :) I'm sure Marina will work her magic and bring your Yren to life just as you wish!

Shadow Play said...

Oh, she is a beauty indeed! I've also sent a real life reference to Marina, I wonder how she'll interpret them?

Metallumia said...

Hi Ruth!
I am so excited for you and Yren!
I am most certain that Marina will make her so beautiful!
The moment I saw this photo,it called upon me to find a name to the familiar face...
If you would google her name, Anna Popplewell,
you will see dozens of images of her.
She was the older sister from The Lion,The Witch,and the Wardrobe as well as Narnia 2-Prince of Caspian (!)

Paiva said...

Thank you, Metallumia! I'm so excited to know. Please check out my posting
where I thank you more thoroughly!