Friday, July 3, 2009

Marina's Show in Milwaukee

Last April, Marina opened her first-ever solo show at the Park Terrace Museum in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Some of her fans from the ED Forum were there the first night to meet her, hear her Artist's Talk, and see her dolls in person.

Here is a picture taken at the show by my friend Ms Noxy. It's of Dunyazade, a costumed doll made from a Gwendolyn mold. I've messed around with the colors and turned the sunshine blue, but you can see Noxy's original and all her other great photographs from the show here.

Meeting Marina was everything wonderful: she is beautiful, funny, endearing, articulate, warm, and generous. She wanted to meet each one of us individually and make sure all our questions were answered; then she went up to the gallery with us again to talk about her dolls informally.

Now that I've met Marina in person and got to know her a little bit, owning a work of art from her hands is even more meaningful to me. I would have loved Yren anyway, just as she is (or I should say, as she will be!). But now I can see, reflected in her beauty, the beautiful person who created her, and I love her even more.

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