Sunday, July 26, 2009

A New Gwen in the World!

Excitement, excitement! Excitement on the Web! Angelificatu's Gwendolyn doll has safely arrived at her home, and joined her sister ED Elena the Beautiful. Here is a picture of the darling still in her box. Can you wonder that I love her? That I pace away the days until she arrives? Isn't she amazing?

A new Gwendolyn is news indeed, because there aren't many known Gwendolyns around. There is Dunyazade on the ED website, who, unclothed, is (I believe) the same doll as in Gwen's nude gallery. So those two have to count as one. And then there is Makhdot who seems to be a customized Gwendolyn, but may not be. That's only, at most, till mine is done, two. But now we have Angelificatu's Gwen and can have some good long looks at this most beautiful girl.

She has been poured in peach slip, so she has a different look than almost all the other EDs. Venetian is the only other known peach doll. It suits her very well! Because she had her appendix out in time (note scar) she grew up to be a very healthy, radiant girl. Angelificatu hasn't had a chance yet to take many pictures, but keep an eye on her Flickr pages for when she does! We simply can't get enough of this doll, and I'm so thrilled to be awaiting her sister Yren.


thelonglostwoods said...

I know exactly how you must have felt when you saw this girl! it would have been almost the exact heart stop I felt when I saw elcatka's girl.. except that not knowing she was getting a doll with such similar "guidelines" I actually thought when I saw marina's blog about the snow crown... that maybe it was my girl. *sigh* It will be great to see the differences between your yren and this gwen, and my fern and elcatka's selena. our little sister dolls have twins : P

aneemal said...

She's lovely :) Would you consider having Yren in peach? Has Marina already started on your doll?
I'm dying to see all these new girls!

Shadow Play said...

She is such a captivating, vibrant doll. Beautiful indeed! It must be wonderful to have such a taste of what your girl will be like soon!

Paiva said...

Longlostwoods, yes, I thought that she must be yours too when I saw her. But fortunately we know that our dolls will have details that make her ours alone!

Aneemal, Originally I ruled out peach because when I made porcelain dolls, they were all peach and I felt tired of that color. But now that I've seen Angelificatu's girl, I would do peach again. I think it is a different peach color, too. I don't know if Marina has started my doll or not; I kind of assume that she works with dolls in different stages, so maybe Yren has been poured--just a guess, though.

Shadow Play, Truthfully, I was a bit afraid about seeing this Gwen, because I might love her better than mine! :-O But now I'm glad to have seen her, because now I can visualize my choices better, and feel good about them.

*Thank you* everybody for commenting!

Metallumia said...

Gwendolyn -who is still undecided which name she prefers- is honored to be on your blog,Ruth ~*~*
Thank you , I am so excited to see Yren too !
I really love this headmold and would love to have another (in all the different skintone colors!)