Monday, July 6, 2009

"J'aime mon choix"

Marina says on her blog today (comment 4) that her porcelain slip shipment finally arrived. It sounds like only the white slip came in, but it got me thinking about how I would feel right now if the tan slip had come in too. Would I regret going ahead with white slip for my doll instead of waiting, as others are doing, for my first-choice color to arrive?

As I wrote before, I really had my heart set on tan skin for my doll. I had her backstory all written; I'd collected belongings and made clothes especially for my island girl. This is Chad's picture of Nitocris, the only doll known to have been cast in tan slip. She is very beautiful, and certainly worth waiting for.

But I am glad I made the decision I did. I'm glad because the vision of my fair-skinned, rosy, blue-eyed girl has taken root in my imagination and now she is Yren. If it is possible for me to buy a second doll in the future, then she will be tan. In the meantime, I hope other slip colors do come in soon, and that fans request tan and ebony and peach dolls and post lots of pictures of them! They are sure to be amazingly lovely.

Update 7/11/2009: Hmmm, apparently some other colors of slip came in too, not just white. I heard Annika's ebony Lucius is to be poured this weekend. That is wonderful! If I could get another spot in the line, I'd order a tan Gwen for sure!

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