Sunday, July 5, 2009

A Pet for Yren

To celebrate Yren's birthday July 1, I went shopping and brought home a half-grown Siamese kitten to be her pet. Her name is "Mitzi" after Mitzi Gaynor, an actress who came close to having legs as proportionally long and elegant in real life as an ED's artfully sculpted ones.

This morning I couldn't find the kitten anywhere...Here's where she turned up: She had got into Yren's box of stockings, messed them all up playing with them, and then snuggled in for a nap.

Seems appropriate for a porcelain doll to have a bone china cat, yes? She has a pet turtle too, but as he is very small, he won't be introduced until Yren is here to hold him in her hands.


Mandana said...

Now seeing Yren's cat playing in her things, I think "Mitzi" was a great choice for her name.

thelonglostwoods said...

: o Look at all of Yren's cute stockings!! Oh Fern will be envious! She's going to have an equally obsessive taste in stockings as me : D