Friday, July 31, 2009

Poems for Enchanted Dolls #6 (French and English)

This poem came to me in a podcast called Easy French Poetry. I recommend the series very highly if you want to improve your French comprehension, as the Parisienne narrator always speaks "slowly, clearly and using everyday vocabulary." It is a real pleasure to hear her read and discuss interesting poems. This one is so EDesque--especially if the ED is Fern!

 Elle était Déchaussée

Elle était déchaussée, elle était décoiffée,
Assise, les pieds nus, parmi les joncs penchants;
Moi qui passais par là, je crus voir une fée,
Et je lui dis : Veux-tu t'en venir dans les champs?
Elle me regarda de ce regard suprême
Qui reste à la beauté quand nous en triomphons,
Et je lui dis : Veux-tu, c'est le mois où l'on aime,
Veux-tu nous en aller sous les arbres profonds?
Elle essuya ses pieds à l'herbe de la rive ;
Elle me regarda pour la seconde fois,
Et la belle folâtre alors devint pensive.
Oh ! comme les oiseaux chantaient au fond des bois!
Comme l'eau caressait doucement le rivage!
Je vis venir à moi, dans les grands roseaux verts,
La belle fille heureuse, effarée et sauvage,
Ses cheveux dans ses yeux, et riant au travers.


Her shoes were pulled off, her hair undone,
She was sitting barefoot among the leaning rushes;
As I passed by, I thought I had seen a fairy,
And asked her: would you like to go for a stroll in the fields?
She looked at me with this supreme look
That beauty bares in all her glory,
And I said, "Would you like – since it’s the month of love –
Would you like to go with me under the dense forest?
She wiped her feet on the grass of the bank;
She looked at me a second time,
And the playful beauty then turned pensive.
Oh, how the birds sang in the depths of the woods!
How gently the water caressed its banks!
I saw come to me, through the tall green reeds,
The beautiful girl, happy, frightened and wild,
Her hair in her eyes, and laughing through it.

Poem by Victor Hugo; translation from; photo of Fern by Monika Viktoria.


Anonymous said...

*gasp* That was such an amazing poem (i just read it in English, I'm hopeless at French) But I LOVE that last paragraph OH MY GOODNESS hahaha.. that will be my fern.. wild and pretty and barefoot and hair in her face and laughing heee : D
It does suit Kia perfectly though too!!

Paiva said...

It made me think of Fern too! Maybe when she's home with you, you would take a picture of her for me to put in this post instead of Kia. I love Kia too, but I can find another poem for her.

Anonymous said...

Oooh I'd love to : D I can't wait to have her frolicking in the forest (garden)

Kia needs one about a waterspirit.. a kelpie or a nymph, I'm sure Mr. Yeats has one about a beautiful but dangerous water sprite : P

Anonymous said...

Fern is perfect for that poem! Reminds me of being a young girl and running around barefoot in the woods. This poem gives me lovely images in my mind.