Thursday, July 9, 2009

Top Ten List of Things I'm Going to Do When Yren Arrives

Pardon this lapse into shameless self-indulgence. But I just can't resist.

10. Take a week off work to spend with her!

9. Have a party so that my lo-oo-oong-suffering, encouraging, and enthusiastic friends at work can see her. And have yummy things to eat while admiring her.

8. Fit her into the dresses I've made for her so that she won't have to greet people nude at her own party--at least not right away.

7. Design a dress for her like the ones my mother used to draw... My sisters and I loved to beg Mom to draw pictures of pretty ladies for us, and every time, she'd draw a gorgeous brunette in a strapless gown with tier upon tier of ruffles. And she'd pose them in a Rita Hayworth kind of stance, hands behind their heads, arms framing their faces...

6. Draft some patterns for her so I can share them...Leggings, tights, a nightgown, a pretty sundress...

5. Take pictures of her wearing the apron Blue Dot sent her, and the shawl that Silkthread sent her, and the hat Biscuitbear sent her, and lounging on the pillows Mayple sent her--individually and all together.

4. Commune with her about what she wants to wear.

3. Commune with her about who she wants to be.

2. Just gaze at her...

and the Number One thing I'm going to do once Yren arrives:

Take a picture of her still in the box!


thelonglostwoods said...

You mentioned you were "collecting" those didn't you? Would you like me to take a shot of Fern in her box when she arrives too?

I wonder what the top ten things'll be that I do? I certainly won't be able to take a week off work that's for sure... I have to work to pay her off!!

Paiva said...

Oh, please do--I would love a pic of Fern in her box! The still-in-box pictures capture that magic moment, so long anticipated, of seeing your girl's face for the first time. I love them.