Monday, July 27, 2009

Went a little crazy...

Well, Hobby Lobby had Simplicity patterns at 99 cents again, and I went a little crazy...Bought the limit of ten, all as potential Yren clothes.

Now posts like this could end up embarrassing me if I blog about how I'm going to make all these ED costumes and then either never try or never succeed.

But that's the breaks. Thinking, planning, and dreaming are pretty much all I can do right now, so think, plan and dream is what I shall do!

This costume is really appealing to me because it fits into the back story I wrote, back when Yren was to be tan. Some time I will have to write it all out again. Anyway, in it there's a country maiden who becomes friends with Yren (to give me a reason to order another ED, heh heh heh!) And these seem like clothes that the country maiden would look very sweet in. In the meantime, Yren can wear them herself and look sweet too.

These dresses have some very nice details: the wide bell of the sleeve where it is gathered into the cuff, the charming use of plaid wool, the dainty stand-up collar,and the graceful overskirt--and the tam! Is that tam not the sweetest? I think this will be a fun one!

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