Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Yren's Box of Shawls

Yren has four pretty flowered boxes: one for her hats, one for her stockings, one for wigs, and this one for her shawls. (I tucked her tiara and teapot in with the shawls, just for some shiny contrast.)

The boxes originally came with Anna Griffin rubber stamps in them---several sets I bought just to get the box! I didn't know about Enchanted Dolls then, but I did know those boxes would be perfect for something.

Silkthread got me started on making shawls. She knitted the beautiful pale pink one (out of silk thread), there on the left, for our Forum Swap last January, and I was her lucky swap partner. Shawls are very rewarding to make: you can lavish all the time on them you want, they have a luxurious air, they are bound to fit, and they keep you occupied during the Wait.

The red one in the upper right corner of the box was my first one; not the best one, but I keep it as a souvenir because it's the one I worked on while we were in Milwaukee for Marina's show last April. I was working on it at the hotel that afternoon, and I was so distracted with excitement about meeting Marina that I totally messed up the stitch count and had to rip about
a third of it out.

Three are made from the same crochet pattern; they were my introduction to finer threads. Started out with size 10 thread (the white one); shrunk down to size 20 thread (green); and then down to size 30 thread (pink.) I do have a pale blue one started in size 50 thread, but I must not be enjoying it because I keep finding other things to work on.

Silkthread also inspired me to learn to knit, too, and I've knitted a few people-sized scarves, but I haven't got the hanged of knitted lace yet, or produced anything so fine as her shawl. Here's a closer look at it, along with the card she sent. It was the first gift Yren ever received.


Shadow Play said...

Very pretty indeed! It looks like Yren will be a very spoiled girl, which is really only what she deserves. Do you mind if I ask where the lovely little tiara came from?

Paiva said...

Not at all! It's kind of funny, really--it came from Hobby Lobby's wedding section, in a set of four because...It's a napkin ring! The circle looks the right size for an ED head, but I might need to pinch it into more of an oval shape to fit it better. Now I can buy up to three more EDs and have matching tiaras for them all! :-)