Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Another look at my Yren

This is a very special picture of Yren--my very first look at her! Marina sent it to me Friday morning. The wig makes a great deal of difference, doesn't it?

This was taken at about 3 am, Vancouver time--poor Marina was pulling an all-nighter to make another obsessed fan happy--and so the light wasn't the best, but nothing can discourage beauty like that. She looks very painterly to me... Like she needs a "girl with a pearl earring" earring, or an ermine to hold.

At first I was very startled by the picture, because I was expecting different coloring. It took me a few days to get used to this look. But now I love her, absolutely and totally love her, and this is the way I would have requested her to be, if I could have seen into the future.

The original picture was three-quarter length, so I could see more of her body, including the lovely emerald ring she wears on her right hand. I will show that sometime too, but for now I wanted to figure out how to make her picture into an oval--using only Word and Paint! Hee hee, it was a challenge, but there she is.

My girl, my Yren.


eiko82 said...

I love this picture of your Yren. She looks perfect as a brunette. Yren looks so sweet and friendly. I hope that she'll be home soon ^___^

aneemal said...

Friday, Friday, oh Friday! *twiddling thumbs*

Lady Hazy said...

She looks beautiful! Her lips are absolutely gorgeous. :)

monika viktoria said...

Lol!! I agree with Aneemal!! Friday Friday Friday!!! Not only will you receive lovely miss Yren.. (butmaybefernwillbedone)

Paiva said...

Thank you, everyone! It's so fun to share her pictures, I couldn't keep them to myself! :-)

Monika, I know Yren just hated to leave Fern all by herself and lonely, all her friends getting packed up and shipped away from her. I hope she is ready soon too--I've got all my fingers crossed that she will!

Shadow Play said...

I love her expression in this pic. She looks hopeful and excited and maybe a little bit nervous to be going to her new home soon.