Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Just surfing around: a capelet for Yren

Spent a while this morning just clicking about on the Elle website. If I get out of the house early enough this morning, I'll stop by the news agency and see if the September issue is out yet. But in the meantime, there's plenty of distraction on the website.

Here's a gorgeous kimono capelet I found there from Elizabeth and James. I think drape-y garments are very beautiful, but they have to be just right to look good on an ED--not too voluminous, or she'll look like she's wearing an envelope. But this capelet has a nice fit over the shoulders and around the neck too.

And I like the sheerness of it, and the lace inset, and the ripply rolled hem. Can I make it? Oh I have no idea. Not sure what fabric will drape like that on a 1/5 scale, either.

Was I ever so interested in fashion before discovering EDs? No I was not, at least not in recent history. I stopped being interested in fashion right around the time I outgrew Seventeen magazine. I have two wardrobes: work, and lounging about the house. Work clothes take me to weddings, funerals, shopping, visiting, etc. They are all solids, all separates, and mostly cottons except for some silk shirts. I dress them up or down with jewelry. (Thanks to my daughter, I do own a pashmina!)

So owning (er, potentially owning) an ED to dress makes the world of fashion more interesting to me, and Elle the most fun. Vogue used to be the magazine of choice for fashion browsing, but I like Elle's enthusiasm for street clothes on real people. Check out their New York "Street Chic Videos: A 360 degree view of New York's most stylish women."


Shadow Play said...

That's a lovely garment, I wouldn't mind it for myself!

In answeer to your question, no news on my boy since the pictures, but I'm sure he'll turn up sooner or later! :)

monika viktoria said...

I think I can help you there :-P Silk-chiffon. It drapes beautifully, but make sure it's a thin fabric, you wouldn't want it to be too thick or it won't hang well, it will stick up and be stiff.
The pattern looks drop dead easy too, just an exaggerated half-circle, with the end tapering more sharply to a point. (ok maybe more like, a crescent moon, with a quarter of one end chopped off - times two, hence the seam)

How funny, the other day I saw a drape like this too, but it had a cowl neck attached, and my first though was not "oh, i'd like that", but, "oh, fern would like that" haha!!