Thursday, August 6, 2009

My Own Copy of Nina Garcia Book!

I keep checking Nina Garcia's The One Hundred: A Guide to the Pieces Every Stylish Woman Must Own out of the library, and renewing it until I can't renew it anymore! But now it can go back, because this week, my daughter and I went to, as my son puts it, "a ton of stores," and I found a copy to buy!

And not just any copy: this one came in a boxed set with her Little Black Book of Style, which is also very nice, plus it was autographed!

The One Hundred is fun to read just for itself, but as I read I like to think about dressing Enchanted Dolls with miniature versions of the things Garcia writes about. I'm finding that a very up-to-the-minute, haute style look for Yren is very appealing. This book has me convinced that Yren needs black tights, black fishnets, a boyfriend sweater, and many many A-line dresses. Also a sarong, some ballet flats, a cashmere sweater and a cape.

For me, the most fun part is to figure out how to make these things. I don't plan to buy clothes for Yren unless they've been made by someone I know. And though it might sound silly....I'm thinking about choosing a "signature" perfume scent for her, too! But I can't do that before she arrives; one has to know her better first.


thelonglostwoods said...

I can imagine Yren in a tight slinky dress like that.. but she'll need a funky hairdo to go with it!! There's a hot store in Sydney where I live called Wheels and Doll Baby, and I can imagine ED's pulling off the style very well.. lots of leg to be shown of ; )

Paiva said...

Hey, LLW, we're both awake at the same time!
Heehee, I needed an excuse to buy Yren a funky wig. Too bad it can't be red--it would clash with her cheeks.

Paiva said...

OOoo, I LOVE Wheels and Dollbaby, it's so fun! Thanks for telling me about it, LLW!

ms. noxy said...

*cough cough* sorry to be commenting on such an old post, but I felt the need to share. Ever since reading this, I've been wanting to check this book out of the library. My library closed for remodeling back then, opened a new branch further away... and didn't bring this book with them! When I looked it up, it was listed as "in storage." I was so sad! But now my original branch has reopened, and my first thoughts? "GET THAT BOOK!!! WEEEE!" So I've FINALLY checked this book out and am now about to read it! Hooray!! :D

Paiva said...

Noxy, I think it is WONDERFUL to get comments on old posts. I'm glad you were finally able to get back into your own library and get your hands on this fun book! The illustrations remind me of you on There, except the There heads aren't so huge...:-D

ms. noxy said...

Ha, I just finished it, I couldn't put it down! I looove the illustrations, they do remind me of a virtual world! And it was fascinating to see what the pieces were... and funny to find out I could count how many *I* owned on one hand. Heeee. And I could most definitely picture Yren in everything listed! I personally would love to see her in some aviators, maybe with a fun silk scarf and a leather jacket with a plain white tee underneath. :D