Saturday, August 8, 2009

New beads are here!

Great service from Beadaholique--my 2mm rounds have arrived. They are just what I wanted; now we'll have to see whether they look exactly right when strung or if I need to order 3mm rounds instead, to get that Guess Beads look. But either way, I will like these because they are so petite. Here you can see them alongside the first set I made, which were definitely too chunky.

And here's another pic, taken from the Beadaholique website. They have instructions for you to make this necklace --but isn't the whole look marvelous for an ED?

I love the neutral tones and the scrunched-up sleeves of the boyfriend sweater, the gold chain and the rhythm of the round beads along it, the top like a vintage Victorian corset cover... Don't know what the top is, but if I made it, it'd be a mini-dress.

I've never tried working with chains before; I'm just a beginner at beading. In fact, a few years ago I tried beading and gave it up as way too frustrating and futzy. Plus, I could buy the stone & metal bracelets I love from a friend who sells them, and at a lower cost than paying full retail for the supplies.

But wanting jewelry for an Enchanted Doll puts an entirely different light on it. Working to a 1/5 scale creates challenges that intrigue me, and that no one else is going to solve for me.

So I will study those instructions about how to work with chain...

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