Sunday, August 30, 2009

Old camera, new tricks

The answer to your question is "Yes." Yes I did put people-lipstick on Yren's lips in the first picture. Only partially succesfully, since I didn't have many colors to choose from and the painted porcelain resists it fairly well. Plus it smudges when you bump it. But I think it has potential. Also maybe washable watercolors would work, and one could mix them easily.

Since a new camera is not coming my way so soon after vacation, my husband kindly took the old one in hand and figured out for me how to make the macro work. Seems it's not just a matter of pushing the flower icon, you have to turn a knob to a "Scene" setting too.

Alrighty then. The kind people who read this blog will get to witness my development as a photographer, assuming that I do, eventually, have some development as a photographer. If not I'm just going to keep blaming the camera.

Here are some almost okay shots of my pretty Enchanted Doll, still naked. Several times today I started to drape a lace dress on her but reverted to just playing with her every time.

But it might turn out to be an interesting dress, when I finally quit playing and make it. Kind of a Poiret-inspired number--and actually one I am designing myself!
Which is really fun!
It might not work!
If it doesn't work, I'll go back to playing!
And smudging lipstick!


aneemal said...

I missed you Ruth! and I know I'm not the only one :D

eiko82 said...

I just love Yren with brown hair. It suits her so perfectly.

monika viktoria said...

Heeheee : ) I love reading you write about Yren, always brings a big smile to my face. She almost looks like two different dolls in those shots!!

Paiva said...

Thank you Aneemal, it's good to be back! We had no Internet the whole time, so I definitely missed everyone too!

Last night I just couldn't force myself to go to bed--I was gazing at Yren and thinking how beautiful she is. I wouldn't want her to be any different at all. My sisters like the red hair best but I'm with Eiko--I think the brown hair suits her best.

Monika, Fern will be so glad to get out of that box and into your hands! It's a long voyage for her and scary, but she knows she is on her way to you, closer every day.

annina said...

aah Ruth i love Yren in her red hair!!!
just love her, hmm why don't i just add ALL nudes to my wishlist, haha!