Friday, August 21, 2009

S'yren-ity at last!

No more neurotic behavior for me, now I'm serene with my own Yren, finally here with me.

Her estimated arrival date was Friday, today...But all day Thursday I had this tiny hope that maybe she would arrive a day early. But when I got home from work, I could tell right away she hadn't, because my son didn't come running up to me excitedly, as he surely would have if he knew my doll was here. And my husband was just the same as usual too--no "Guess what arrived today?" greeted me.

Turns out they were just teasing! They waited until I came right out and said, "Gee, I was kind of hoping my doll might arrive today, but I guess tomorrow she'll come." Then they began asking each other, like a couple of vaudeville comedians, "Did you see a box today?" "I don't know, did you see a box?"

Then they took me in the library and pointed up the highest shelf, that's where they'd put the box! I felt like I was in a dream. My husband brought it down and found me a knife to cut the tape, my son swept away the packing peanuts, and I lifted the lid...and there she was, so delicate, so beautiful, so vulnerable. I stood her up with her cardboard backing still strapped to her, and as my husband clipped the straps from the back side, little by little she tipped into my waiting hands. That was the moment she became mine.

More later, and more pictures as soon as I can!


monika viktoria said...

Awww Ruth!!! How SWEET is your cute family?! What a wonderful story!! I loved reading this post, it made me smile, how precious : )

ms. noxy said...

aww, an adorable story of an enchanting arrival. I'm so happy for you! Have fun on your vacation, can't wait to see more pics when you get back! :)

Shadow Play said...

Aaaw that's so sweet! It's lovely to hear about families who can share each other's excitement for their hobbies. I'm so pleased to hear that Yren is finally home, safe and sound where she belongs. I look forward to hearing more of her adventures!

aneemal said...

Lol! :-D

annina said...

oh my that is so teasing, ha! and so sweet!! aww this blog made me feel all fuzzy, i can feel your happiness right through the text! wonderful arrival of Yren! ♥