Friday, August 14, 2009

Theory D

Theories A, B. and C have been ruled out. Marina found that the springs she had been using were defective, so she ordered more and took the doll apart to replace them.


Shadow Play said...

Oooh, does that mean Yren is finally coming home? Marina seems to be planning to ship a few dolls on Monday, maybe she will be among them!

eiko82 said...

I'm so glad that you got an update. I hope that your girl will be coming home very, very soon ^___^

annina said...

ooh that's great that you heard from Marina, and good thing she found that out and will reassemble her, so she will be perfect!

by the way i want to thank you for featuring my flickr on your blog links, Iðunn and me feel so honored ♥

monika viktoria said...

I can't wait for your box opening shots.. she'll arrive a while before I get to take my own, so i'll live vicariously through you till I get Fern.

have a party for her -with cupcakes, and pink champagne!! I'll be having a pink champagne cupcake party for fern too, I'll pretend you're there :-D