Thursday, August 13, 2009

This is What "Neurotic" Means to Me

Instead of checking my email once a day, and being disappointed once a day, I check my email 50 times a day and am disappointed 50 times a day.

Meanwhile, at the swampish and haphazardly defined borders of my consciousness hovers a vaporific cognizance of a possible Theory C to explain the continuance of my doll's current state of intangible Not-Yettedness. (See here for Theories A and B.)

Viz, that Marina has "many a many" work to complete, and that various factors impede her progress (materials shortages, lapsed connections to needed assistance, occasional pauses for food and sleep) --even as various factors are always impeding me in my work too--and that my doll Yren is at the moment merely caught up in a general, all-encompassing working-towardice, a steadily-getting-it-all-done-itude, from which she will emerge more or less at the same time as all the other works rise up and present themselves to us in an exuberant, shining, jubilant, self-evident state of Voilà-hood.

Not that different from building my serials module, actually. It works for me.


ms. noxy said...

That sorta kinda actually makes sense somewhat... that she's waiting until more are finished to show them all at the same time. I do hope Yren shows herself soon though. Yours is the one doll I truly can't wait to see, while all the others are more like happy surprises. I can't imagine how much harder it is for you to be waiting for her. *hugs*

Paiva said...

Noxy, you are so nice. I picture Marina suddenly spinning out Enchanted Dolls like a star spinning out planets. Some time we will get to see the doll that you and Marina dream up together, and she will be amazing.

monika viktoria said...

*gasp* noxy.. what about.. what about... my girl? :-P

Shadow Play said...

I do think that makes sense. There must be a lot of outstanding orders (we know of at least 4), so I guess she might just want to finish all of them before getting down to emailing their new owners.

That doesn't make the wait any less unbearable, though! Hang in there! *hugs*