Saturday, August 15, 2009

Update Saturday August 15

Marina has sent pictures of the doll and told me that she thinks the shipping date will be Monday. There was a little delay when we discovered she had accidentally used the wrong color mohair for the wig, but she promised to make a black one up quickly for me--and I asked to buy both wigs, since she didn't need the first one for anything. I like wigs.

The doll isn't what I expected, being brown where I had asked for black and pink. (Remember Anna Popplewell?) But I'm getting used to her. Once she arrives, we can try on her other wigs from Monique, drape some fabrics to see what her colors are, and see what she tells me about herself.

Tell you what, she has very pretty eyes. Gwendolyns don't usually have lower lashes, but this one does.

Thank you everybody for your kind comments and encouragement. I feel sorry for the clients who go through this ordering and waiting process without being on the forum--they don't know what they're missing. Not just enthusiasm and encouragement, but very excellent friends!


eiko82 said...

WOW!! Her eyes look lovely. So sweet and kind. I can't wait to see the rest of her. I'm so happy that the long wait is finally over for you, Ruth ^___^

Shadow Play said...

CONGRATS! Her eyes are absolutely gorgeous! I know the feeling of 'surprise' when you find she doesn't quite match up to the image you had in your head, but it will pass as you grow to love this face, I promise. :)

Congrats again!

aneemal said...

Ack, you people love to tease!! :p

From her eyes alone she seems lovely. They do look kind, like Eiko says. The eyebrows seem spot-on like Anna's. I want to see her lips! I want to see all of her!!

I hope that she becomes everything you wished for. xxx

monika viktoria said...

: )

Dang, I was going to tell you to send that coppery wig my way ;-P hahaha! I think it would match a neutral brown coloured costume I've got going for Fern, heehee.

I think with these particular dolls, you have an idea, and then they have an idea of themselves too, it'll probably take a little bit of "getting to knoooww youuuu" time to become aware of the roles each of you have in mind.

Luckily, I'm happy for Fern's wild-child-of the-woods personality to run amuck :P heehee

Metallumia said...

Yren has such beautiful eyes !*!*!**!