Saturday, September 5, 2009

Making a wig cap for Yren

Here's Yren being fitted for a new wig cap. Of course the idea is to create an actual wig on this wig cap. We're thinking we want one similar to her long brown one, but shorter--maybe shoulder length. After this stage was finished, I mixed some acrylic paint and painted the cap to match the honey-brown mohair Yren and I have chosen for it.

But last night I discovered something interesting: the wig cap as-is, when worn underneath her other wigs, keeps them nice and snug and they don't slide around. So it seems wise to just leave this wig cap the way it is and make another one for the wig.

Made this way, the wig cap does fit well, but it's maybe a bit too limp to support a wig. I made it from light-weight Pellon interfacing, thinking the acrylic paint would stiffen it up, but it didn't. Heavier weight Pellon is a possibility, but it would probably be harder to fit and sew.

So what I thought of trying instead is a coating of flexible glue on it. For that, I'll have to protect Yren's head with a layer of plastic wrap, secured around her neck, then put the wig cap over that and apply the glue to it. After it dries, it should retain the right shape... However I'm not looking forward to this process because I don't want to cover up Yren's face for so long!

So we're going to procrastinate and go shopping first--have to find that peacock-green silk charmeuse for her Poiret underdress! And maybe while we're at the fabric store, we'll find a medium weight Pellon that will not need extra stiffening and we can avoid that unpleasant process.


monika viktoria said...

Ooo she looks like sucha compliant little model! The wig cap looks great so far, I'll have to start figuring out similar things too : )

annina said...

it's so much fun to see such pictures, it's as if i'm there with you, oh how fun it would be to meet up and play!!

what about coating the inside of the wigcap with silicone? that would be something to give it some grip maybe?

monika viktoria said...

ps. OMG she's wearing doll mittens!!!

I think it's not a bad idea... I'm so rough with Fern, and she has such a cute sticky-outy-pinky finger... rudy cringes everytime he sees me just throwing her about as I do :-P

Paiva said...

Monika: Someday I plan to make her fancy silky mittens, maybe with bead embroidery, because of course nothing is too good for her. But it was more fun to start right in on dresses. So to protect those sticky-out pinkies temporarily I just cut the fingers off an old white stretch glove. :-)