Monday, September 21, 2009

Note to the World

Hi everyone!

Just to let you know, my home computer gave us the DBSOD (Dreaded Blue Screen of Death) last Friday, and as a result I will be without home Internet access for about three weeks. My valient nephew has taken our tower home with him to try to rescue the contents of the hard drive (which was never backed up even though Certain Of Us in the Family told our Husband that it should be.)

I plan to write a few posts longhand, as well as take pictures, and then post them from work on my lunch hour or after quittin' time. But my ability to see and respond to comments, or to visit Yren's neighbors and comment there, will be severely hampered.

This morning my feet kept carrying me over to the monitor for a relaxing game of Burger Shop 2, but alas! No waffles on the conveyor belt for a while! Waaah!


monika viktoria said...

That's okay! Gives you plebty of time to sew lots of pretty things for Yren and do photo shoots and do all those things people who aren't obsessed by the internet do.
Imagine if you're computer would have shut down in the weeks before you were meant to get Yren.. I think you would have screamed, lol ; P

aneemal said...


When that happens to me, I usually resort to violence (with the computer, not my husband!!!!) hehehe :p

Metallumia said...

Oh No!!.We'll miss your presence ,Ruth!
Hope all will be fixed soon!