Saturday, September 5, 2009

Photo Shoot: Vintage Clothes

Well Yren and I didn't do a serious thing all day, we just fooled around and had fun.

The shopping trip was a success: f0und a nice drape-y fabric in the color we wanted for the Poiret underdress, and some slightly-heavier interfacing for the wig caps, and some black stretch knit exactly the right weight for leotards and tights. And another Hillary Duff dress pattern that we may ponder awhile later on.

Mostly what we felt like doing was trying on clothes. Barbie clothes fit her surprisingly well, considering how long waisted she is. Our favorite was the "After Five" dress from 1964. (I'm hoping I can find a replacement button online somewhere; 1/8" ones aren't easy to come by.)

And then, even more surprisingly, we fit her in a set of tagged Vogue summer pajamas, originally designed for Ginny's 10 1/2 inch older sister Jan!

Clearly, picture-taking was in order, and here they are. We also scored a mink stole for her, but I forgot to photograph that. Something to save for the next photo shoot!

And yes, you are right again--that is red "lipstick" she's wearing. Thought we'd give her a little Hedy Lamar look for the occasion. This time we used a touch of watercolor paint--and it came off nice as you please with a square of damp cotton. Easy peasy!


monika viktoria said...

Love them so much Ruth! She looks so english in the after 5 dress, I love the look for her! Then she does looks so sweet in red and white, makes me think of summer and strawberries!

Shadow Play said...

I lovelovelove how Yren looks here! So classy and classic, it's beautiful. Those dresses suit her like a dream.

lilithskyblue said...

This is the first time I took a really good look at your site and I love it! Wow the fact that you can change her lip color is so exciting! I was anguishing about lip color but then I saw that wren looks fabulous with the watercolor! Your doll has the perfect china paint color lips to be able to do that with!
Something to consider when ordering!

Metallumia said...

She looks so lovely , Ruth!
I love that black dress on her, she looks so elegant and romantic !
It's great she loves wearing makeup too!