Saturday, September 12, 2009

Photo Shoot: Yren in the Garden

Yren lives in a hundred-year-old farmhouse and has a kitchen garden to play in, so here she is atop my son's prized pumpkin, and in the shade of the mulberry tree. Now that the pumpkin pic has been up awhile, I'm not liking it so well: too straight on, too stiff. Maybe I'll have a chance to shoot her there again before that pumpkin becomes a Halloween decoration and a pie.

And maybe she'll have clothes then too! In the meantime, thanks to my friend Terri of Reikidolls for the cute underpants.


eiko82 said...

Such lovely pictures. Yren looks gorgeous.

Did Terri make those panties herself? They look very nice.

Paiva said...

Hi Eiko! Thank you! I'm not sure if Terri did make them--maybe she'll check in and tell us if she did or where she got them, because they fit very well. I need to take a better picture of them.

monika viktoria said...

I love the third shot. I think that's my favourite of Yren so far. She looks like such a little fairy!! I think she'd look cute in a very simple little cotton or thin calico shift dress. It'd help make the photo's more "PC" yet still retain her natural look.

Mia said...

Ruth, I love these shots of her in the garden!

Terri said...

I bought a set of three underpants on ebay. I don't think I have the patience or skill to make something that tiny! My sewing machine would suck the fabric down in the feed dogs and then I'd have to kill it...I'm so glad they fit so well!Your photography is getting better and better. I love Yren on the pumpkin. :) Terri