Thursday, September 24, 2009

Photoshoot: Presents from Noxy

Noxy made the most beautiful silk comforter set for Yren, and a wonderful antique book, and a very charming little mouse-rat complete with miniature house, and the cleverest "balloon" animal! And for good measure she sent along a very happy little dog that my son has now bonded with! Noxy is a wonder at polyclay--and at sewing too! Yren loves her gifts. She didn't have a soft place to sleep, but now she does.

I'm glad that my pictures of Yren are turning out better these days, because she and I have other photoshoots we are very anxious to do! Monika Viktoria sent Yren a "Welcome Home" box of amazing presents that you have not seen yet, plus we have Biscuitbear's straw hat and Blue Dot's pretty apron to photograph too.

So stay tuned! And watch for Mr. Balloon Animal--he didn't make it into this post, but he's going to be paying regular visits, as he is our official mascot now.


monika viktoria said...

LOL! look at the little mouse's house.. it's a miniature cardboard box that's SO cute!

Noxy, the clever thing! How comfortable does Yren look lounging on that floral comforter. And I am being very honest: she looks great here. You did well with your photography!

Ps. I like the look of Yren with that book. She looks like a beautiful young... witch? Maybe the wrong word, a beautiful young lady who'se found a book of magic and is pondering whether to dabble or not!!!

ms. noxy said...

aww yay! I love these pics. I may just steal one and use it for my desktop. Hehe.

I may also steal a pic to stick it on my blog, but I'll be sure to link it back to you. That okay?

Paiva said...

You certainly may, Noxy! You have blanket permission to do anything you want with anything at all you find on my blog. :-)