Saturday, September 19, 2009

Poems for Enchanted Dolls #10

The Lass With the Delicate Air

Young Molly who lived at the foot of the hill,
Whose fame every virgin with envy doth kill,
Of beauty is blessed with so ample a share
Men call her the Lass with the Delicate Air.
With the delicate air, men call her the Lass with the Delicate Air.

By a murmuring brook in a green mossy glade,
A chaplet composing, the fair one was laid.
Surprised and transported, I could not forebear
With rapture to gaze on her delicate air.
On her delicate air, with rapture to gaze on her delicate air.

A thousand times o'er I've repeated my suit,
And still the tormentor affects to be mute.
So tell me, ye swains who have conquered the fair,
How to win the dear lass with the delicate air.
With the delicate air, how to win the fair lass with the delicate air.

Composed by Michael Arne, 1762. Sung by Julie Andrews, 1957.


monika viktoria said...

Oh what a perfect poem for her! I especially like the middle paragraph!! It's very fitting, and she most certainly has the most delicate air of any ED I could think of!!

Paiva said...

I thought of Fern when I typed out the middle paragraph!

Remember the Hugo "Elle etait dechausses" poem that you liked? I still have my heart set on replacing the Kia picture with Fern's, as soon as you have one you'll let me use! ♥

monika viktoria said...

Yippee, I love that one!! I'm haven't been able to take any of her as "Fern-fern" yet.. but I'm trying!!!

monika viktoria said...

ps. I came across this site today, and I think pretty much every item on it would look ravishing on an ED : ) *love*