Saturday, September 12, 2009


The following post will be déjà vu for Monika, to whom I just wrote the exact same thing in an email! But I wanted to blog about it too. :-)

We speak often of getting to know our Enchanted Dolls... That means more than just learning to move their articulations properly and keep their wigs smooth. They have a way of letting us know important facts about themselves, and yesterday Yren succeeded in doing exactly that.

What she told me is that she is not a "morning" person! She'd rather sleep in--and then stay up late at night! Before I leave for work in the morning, I always go in and check on her to make sure she is comfortable for the day and to admire her a bit. But for some reason, she never seems quite herself at this early hour: the shadows under her eyes look heavier, as if she's just exhausted, and she seems to want to do nothing so much as to lie back down.

But I didn't get truly get her revelation until last night. Since I get up early, I'm tired at night and ready to go to bed early, but I like to have Yren by me on the nightstand for awhile before I go to sleep. And the little imp deliberately kept me awake! There she sat, giving me her prettiest and most beguiling looks, so that I could not resist smoothing her hair, and turning her face a little to the right, so that she looked straight at me, and thinking how darling she is--over and over. I was so tired and wanted to sleep, but I couldn't take my eyes off her.

If you want the whole picture, you have to imagine her sitting there in my Kleenex box, of all places! (And to help you out with that, here's a picture.)It's a secure place for her--she'd feel too precariously perched on the nightstand in one of her chairs, and she can't sit on the pillow beside me because my son is fond of dashing in to see me and he arrives with bounding leaps to the bed when he does. But the Kleenex box, half-full, fits her like an armchair with a very soft seat. And I've discovered that she likes playing this kind of game with human-size objects: to use a Kleenex box as her armchair, and a round basket for her papasan chair, she thinks is a very funny commentary on us great galumphing humans.

Oh yes, she can be an imp, despite that innocent expression! But the getting to know her is fun and full of surprises. Yren a night owl? I thought she looked more like the "pre-dawn-stroll-in-the-garden type" --who knew?


monika viktoria said...

LOL... her tissue box throne! So cute : )

I understand about feeling nervous leaving them sitting/standing... Fern doesn't have any decent furniture yet. One of these days she'll get a beautiful silk and velvet, victorian style wooden chaise or chair.

monika viktoria said...

Ruth - you deleted the post with the pumpkin and mulberry shots??? But... they were so cute! i loved seeing glimpses of where you and Yren live!