Monday, September 7, 2009

Romantic ideas about gowns

Often I see in the fabric stores--and in my own fabric stash!--beautiful floral prints that would make lovely gowns, but the scale of the print seems too large for a petite thing like an Enchanted Doll.

But then again, there are some large-scale prints making up some very effective gowns in Tyler Wentworth's wardrobe, and she's not much taller than an ED....Then yesterday at Hobby Lobby, I spotted this Barbie calendar with its sketch of a lovely, romantic gown of large-print floral, a floral that just happens to resemble a length of fabric I already own, just waiting to be cut up and used for something marvelous.

So now a part of my brain keeps working, even while engaged with other matters like back-to-school shopping, on how to make this pretty little number for Yren. I think she wants it, don't you? (And she maybe wants an up-do wig, too. Possibly gloves. And as for that sweet little lavender petticoat, ohhh yes.)

For example, the bodice: I wouldn't really want it to button up the front. But I could fake a placket by sewing a tuck vertically on the wrong side of a little rectangle of cloth, then ironing the tuck sideways to form a fold along the front...Then, see, I could position the bodice pattern piece on the rectangle so that the placket falls just where it should, and the little buttons can go down it, and maybe even embroider some little teensy fake buttonholes with one strand of floss.

And as for the skirt, that would be easy peasy. I don't like to use a rectangle for bouffant skirts like this--it puts too much bulk at the waistline. Much better to use gores or a circle skirt.

The foregoing may be all the progress I ever make on this gown. Have been tired today, even though here in the US it's Labor Day and many of us, including me, did not have to work. But I will wander up to my fabric stash and see if I can lay hands on that lilac print fabric, just in case the mood hits me...

And in the meantime, it couldn't possibly hurt to pick up a copy of this Barbie calendar, right? For inspiration?


Shadow Play said...

Those are beautiful! I'd love to see Yren in any one of them.

monika viktoria said...

You've been such a good owner.. making so many things for pretty little Yren. Fern is fuming in her box... hahah...soon I'll be all moved and have all the time in the world to bond with her. It's lovely seeing all these posts about the things you're planning for Yren... the poiret dress is just gorgeous... and she looks so SWEET fanning her face with the peacock feather!!!

Paiva said...

Thanks, Annika! i love these vintage style gowns.

Don't worry, Monika, Fern is too sweet-tempered to fume!:-) Yren wasn't angry with me, either, for leaving her a whole week. Smiling her little smile, she just looked like she felt sorry for me.

monika viktoria said...

AWWW... looked like she felt sorry for you! Cute.... Fern is smiling her own mischevious smile, because she knows I'm now overcome... and am wishing I'd just gone ahead and ordered her a sister sapphire at the same time :-P