Wednesday, September 30, 2009

You My Brown-Eyed Girl

This morning I painted Yren's eyes brown.

Just for fun, with watercolor, so it's not permanent. Is she pretty with brown eyes? Oh yes! And whilst I and my tiny paintbrush were doing business in the vicinity, we gave her some dark brown eyeliner on her lower lids. Makes quite a difference--a more dramatic look for her normally angelic little self.

Yren has white highlights in her eyes; one towards the top of her iris and one towards the bottom, under the pupil. I painted around the top one, so it still shows. I painted over the bottom one, waited for the paint to dry, and then painted it back in, much smaller, on the theory that brown eyes don't reflect the light so much as blue eyes do. And I gave her rosier lips, too.

Unfortunately I can't take pictures of her yet; my husband has the camera at work with him today, uploading the pictures there since our home computer is not home yet. But Yren's make-over will last awhile, and I'll be able to take some pictures of her soon.

I love how versatile she is, always ready to change moods and looks. And I love her expression; as much as I enjoy the haughty, high-fashion look, I really just love gazing at this doll who always looks happy to be gazing back at me.


monika viktoria said...

Oh Ruth you tease! I was reading the top part with such excitement to see how Yren looks, then.. nothing! you tease! heehee : )

Paiva said...

LOL, I know! It's so frustrating not to be able to show her new look! If the sun would just RISE a little faster, I could take a pic of her tomorrow morning and post it at lunchtime.

Annina said...

oh oh, that sounds wonderful and you inspire me so, i want my Iðunn back so i can try some colour on her lips! looking forward to see Yren with brown eyes!

monika viktoria said...

Ruth can I ask you a question?

How did you set up in your side bar the section with featuring just the posts you've made about the poems for ED's
I want to set up a section too, to feature the posts i write about my little art collection. But I obviously do not have the blogger skillz you do!!!

Paiva said...

Hi Monika! All my side-bar links except "Yren's Neighors" are just "Link List" gizmos. I had been wishing that blogspot would create them for me based on post labels, but I can't find that it will. So I do it myself!

We are supposed to get our computer back this weekend!!! Can't wait, but the two boys at my house are going to want their turns too. I doubt if they'll agree that Yren's needs should come first.:-)