Monday, September 28, 2009

Yren is Smokin'!

Here's the dress I made for Yren to wear for her picture in the ED Forum's September Photo Project. For some reason I can't upload it to the forum at all, though I've tried both from Flickr and from Vox.
Anyway, the theme for this month is "Smoke." I looked for fabric to inspire me, and found this crinkly, shiny, stretchy, sexy, smoky stuff. At first the dress was going to be full-length, but then I realized: any outfit is going to be more smokin' if Yren's legs show. We don't have any shoes yet, but we definitely need some smokin' shoes too.


ms. noxy said...

ooo she looks HOT in this outfit!

The problems with the forum... is the picture not showing? Or is the post not showing? Because I know that section of the forum requires an admin's approval of each post before it is posted. Mayple usually goes through and approves the posts when she gets on.

Paiva said...

Thanks Noxy! I love your smokin' charred doll picture too!

On the forum thread, when I put in the URL for the picture, I checked it the "Preview" button, but there was just the little red-X box. So I took out the URL and just submitted a post without a pic, and that got held up for moderation. Did it do that for you too? Maybe I should have tried submitting it--maybe it would have gone through.

monika viktoria said...

I'll try fix it for you ruth : ( I'm so sad that my little photo section is bugged and im-perfect.. but I try to maintain it!!!!