Thursday, September 3, 2009

Yren's Poiret Overdress

This gown might not end up looking over-much like a Poiret, but for the time being it's convenient to call it one.

The concept started with a length of lace whose scalloped edge fit perfectly over Yren's bust for a strapless bodice--just had to tuck a dart into the sides, plus a tiny one in the center front. Then I attached some point d'esprit to it for the skirt. Easy peasy. (Well actually "easy peasy" doesn't cover the difficulty of reversing the skirt pleats I accidentally set in backward, but it wasn't the pleats' fault I set them in that way.)

The idea is to complete the gown with an under-dress of some silky, drapey, gorgeously-colored stuff, with maybe something like a bandeau bodice and a full length skirt. The black lace will tone down the color enough so I can go really bright--I'm thinking a peacock blue-green... Hey, this designing gig is fun!

Thank you to Aneemal and Chad for the help with taking better pictures of Yren. I was astounded at how much better the natural light works!

Since it worked so well, here are a couple other pictures of Yren taken at the same time.


ms. noxy said...

I love her poses! She's so beautiful. <3 She's so lovely in natural light too.

monika viktoria said...

Yup, go for a beautiful green. I'm loving her beautiful brown hair, and the lush green behind her.

Ps. that bodice is soo pretty.

annina said...

aah so wonderful, it makes me want to start on Iðunn's dress, but i haven't had time in the last days yet..