Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Yren's Traveling Dress

We have to go away again this weekend but this time Yren is making the trip with us! She is going to meet my two sisters, who have been very interested in her all these very long months, and some of my nieces too.

When I opened her box this morning, she greeted me with the unexpected comment, "Je n'ai rien à me mettre!"

Hmmmm... That is a phrase from my college French 100 class--is she telling me that she is French? Belge? Or maybe that she lived on a French-speaking island? She is a sea captain's daughter, after all, so she could very well have come by those pretty rolled r's naturally. I await further revelations from her.

Oh well--whatever else she is telling me, she is definitely saying that she doesn't have anything to wear for the weekend. So I made her a quickie little sun dress, as we are having a very balmy fall here after our cold summer. I think it's funny that lavender is turning out to be a good color for her to wear, while it's one of my least favorites (though I love lilacs.) And pink, my favorite color, does not look particularly good on her unless it's a greyed or brownish one. I guess this is proof I'm not forcing my tastes on her, but letting hers emerge as best I can.


Metallumia said...

These colors look so lovely on her ... so soft and feminine... !

and out of curiosity..
do you find that her left leg is a little bit longer than the right one?.. I didn't notice until recently with my Anastasia..
because when I pose her (standing up).. her left knee is always bent just a little..

Paiva said...

I have wondered about that leg length too, because yes it does always seem to bend just a little when standing. But then when I really investigate how her torso, hips and legs are positioned, and straighten them, then they do seem to be even. So maybe it's just in how I'm handling her--not sure!!

Anonymous said...

i have wondered about this leg thing too, i am unsure. it's nothing disturbing, but i have noticed a difference sometimes. could be imagination too.

wishing you and Yren a nice trip, glad she can come too and entertain you! :)


Anonymous said...

Wow, I love that dress. Very lovely. Perfect for summer. I hope that you and Yren have a great time at yours sisters'.

monika viktoria said...

Yes, Annina, Mia and Ruth. I have noticed the leg difference, it's assuring to hear I'm not the only one or going crazy.

One of fern's legs is significantly shorter than the other.
When I put her on her stand, one leg doesn't even come close to "standing" flat, I have to point her foot for it to touch the ground like the other leg.

ps. Ruth, Yren looks so pretty! I'm sure your sisters will adore her, especially in her sweet travelling dress!!

Shadow Play said...

Funny that you guys should mention it, I've noticed that there's a slight difference in Laird's legs, too. I put it down to the tension in the springs, though.

Ruth, Yren looks so lovely and soft in those pictures. I hope you'll post some of her meeting your family!

lilithskyblue said...

Oh, how lucky you are! She is "smashing" in that wonderful sun dress! And those little panties in the other pictures make her look just too adorable!
I can't ever seen to comment on these dolls without using alot of !!!!!