Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Barbie Photographers

I have been so anxious to tell you this story about my cousin Karen. She was at the family gathering too, and I introduced her to Yren. I spent awhile explaining EDs to her and going over the website because she'd never heard of them before.

Her first reaction was, "She looks dead!" And I have to admit, Yren is rather pale. Her body doesn't have much blushing on it, but that's another story. Anyway, Karen got over it pretty quickly, in her fascination with the articulation and the general unusualness of an Enchanted Doll. She had her camera with her and wanted to take some pictures of Yren, but the light wasn't very good inside so we went out to the garden, where the sun was going down but there was still enough light for some good shots.

Now here's the thing you need to know about my cousin Karen: she and I had the same Barbie dolls (1967 Twist-n-Turn Barbies with bendable legs and long brown hair) and we played with them constantly whenever our families were together. Our very favorite thing to do was to take off all their clothes and pose them outside, in the woods or by the river with their feet in the water. We didn't own cameras so we pretended to take pictures of them. This was ummm, okay, a lot* of years ago and I had pretty much forgotten all about it.

But there we were, out in the garden, me holding up Yren so Karen could get a good angle on her with her camera. She snapped the picture--and looked up at me and said, "Oh my god! We're doing it again!"

* I guess there is no reason to be coy about how many, since you can subtract 1967 from 2009 if you want to know. But let me tell you: those bendable legs were a sensation.


monika viktoria said...

This was a cute post to read : )

I remember Helene mentioning that one of her first reactions about Chandrakala was thinking she looked corpse-bride-esque, because she was so pale.
I think, unless you choose the pink toned porcelain, they will definately have an eery paleness to them - which is exactly what I wanted with mine (after all, Camellia is still a favourite of mine, with her ghostly ethereal colouring) I'm very into pale little fairies : )

An interesting shot is one Chad took of Pink Sapphire next to White Sapphire. The white of default-Sapphire's skin looks almost grey. But i can't decide which I like better, each tone has something going for it! Pink sapphire looks more 'alive' and natural, yet the default sapphire has such a haunting fantastical element to her, like a pale otherworldly faery queen.

I remember thinking Fern was blushed into rosy-pinkness rather than the ethereal-paleness I had in mind, yet, when I look at their photographs side by side... your Yren looks no less blushed than my Fern, infact, maybe a bit more... maybe we just have different scales for judging how blushed they are :-P

Terri said...

so where are the pictures, hmm? I keep my eyes on Yrens blog to see! Does she have shoes yet?

Paiva said...

Monika, when I saw "Siren" in Milwaukee, I remember thinking that the pink was a pleasing flesh tone, and not too-too pinky, as I had thought it might be. Pink slip was available for Yren, but I didn't want it because we'd heard pink dolls don't shrink as much and come out 1/4" taller. So that just left white slip, and I don't mind the paleness; it says "Enchanted Doll" to me. I can always put blush on Yren if I want to.

I think it's very hard to evaluate what colors you're really seeing in an online photograph. My monitor tends to read dark, but even compensating for that, reality usually isn't what I expect. Maybe it's the conversion of reality to RGB that changes everything.