Saturday, October 31, 2009

Benjamin's Photo Shoot

After Yren was finished with her Alice in Wonderland poses, my son Benjamin took over the shoot and did his own concepts, props, poses and photography. Here's Yren putting on her make-up and reading a book. He also did the "Pennies from Heaven" song post below.

I'm not sure why Yren is so favored, when he won't even walk down the Barbie aisle with me at the store! But since my daughter isn't near by to appreciate Yren with me, I'm glad my son is willing to do it once in awhile. I think he was proud that I trusted him to handle her, and indeed he was very careful with her.

Usually Ben is more interested in Yren's animals. You can see a little of Noxy's Mouserat in Ben's picures--he just loves Mouserat and the little dog Noxy sent to Yren! I asked him if he wanted her to wear different clothes or wig, but he didn't care about that.

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monika viktoria said...

Wow, Benjamin is really good! (and I didn't know you had a daughter!)
I think his poses are better than mine, and he's done an amazing job of posing and photographing her!!!