Monday, October 19, 2009

Hooray! Computer's home!

Our computer arrived home safe and surprisingly sound yesterday afternoon. We had two brief scares: one when the monitor wouldn't interface, and the other when my iTunes folder wouldn't open. But both issues have been resolved and all is well.

Now I just have to wait in line to use the thing: my husband wants to keep his Peggle chops up, and my son has more Webkinz to adopt, not to mention aliens to battle.

Yren has no new clothes to have her picture taken in, and she's feeling a little peevish about being photographed nude. She says that was fine when she'd just arrived and didn't own a stitch, but now that she's been with me two full months, she thinks I ought to be producing clothes for her at a snappier rate.

Well, I am *trying.* But I've only just started drafting slopers for her. (Only her back one is done so far; it looks very elegant even in muslin! Because she has a very elegant back, that's why.) So it's going to take a while longer to create the other blocks and then turn them into something. Not sure if I'll make the Forum's October "Costume Party" Photo Project or not--I do have an idea for it this time.

I'd better at least get her portrait while she still has brown eyes because she's impatient to have blue ones again. She likes her lipstick, blush, and eye-liner though. She's not quite so much of a nature girl as I expected her to be, back when I was only dreaming of her. More of an Uptown girl, is our Yren.


ms. noxy said...

aww yaaaay! congrats on getting your puter back! can't wait to see a brown-eyed Yren! :)

monika viktoria said...

Ok. That's it. we demand photographs!!!!

Ohh little Yren definately sounds like a city gal ; ) Or at least from a very posh manor house!

She doesn't have to dress "spooky" for halloween - whatever happened to those dresses you made her using biscuitbears patterns? Do they fit all wrong? You could at least pin them at the
I've been eager to see those on her!

She could also dress as a hula girl.. she practically has all the necessary parts - a flower lay, island print cushions... she just needs a little grass skirt!

Or with all the watercolour practice you're getting, she could come "dressed" as a "costumed tattoo'd" doll!

Ps. what are slopers?