Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Still No Computer!

Waah! We couldn't go to Chicago and pick up our home computer, newly repaired and upgraded, because first my husband caught a bad cold and then I did. We might have been well enough to make the drive but we didn't want to bring our germs into my nephew's house and risk infecting all of them, especially the baby.

So we're planning to make the trip this coming weekend, and I have to go through another week with boring posts and --sorry Terri!--no new pictures of Yren.

I've mostly spent the down time working on a quilt for said nephew & family. (It's coming out really neat: it's made with squares of bright fabrics they brought back from Hawaii with them, set with oceanic blues and greens.)

But I have been working on dressing poor shivering little Yren too. She's not used to Michigan! Yesterday morning when I woke her up her whole little body was c-c-c-cold! So she definitely needs a flannel nightgown, and some thermal long underwear too. But was I working on something practical like that? No I was not. I was making a sleeveless summer dress out of a very sweet Liberty of London cotton print. Wishful thinking, I guess.

Note for Terri: no, Yren has no shoes. :-( I had asked Marina about buying some stilettoes, but no response. So my plan is to make some shoe lasts for her, and then make some shoes, but haven't done it yet--I'm intimidated by the mold-making process.

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monika viktoria said...

Ohhh poor Ruth and poor Yren! We all know how much these dolls LOVE to be adored, so little Yren must be wondering why she hasn't received any compliments lately! Don't worry Yren, we're all thinking of you!