Saturday, October 31, 2009

Yren as Alice in Wonderland

Here is the picture I'm putting on the forum as Yren's contribution to the October Photo Project, the theme of which was "Costume Party" for October. (Her hair is not carrot orange, as it appears here--it's soft honey blonde. But we're taking pictures late at night. We'll try again tomorrow.)

My idea all along was for Yren to be dressed as Barbie, in some iconic costume that people might recognize. But then the month ran out, and all I had accomplished was making this new wig for her.

So I put this Barbie pinafore on her. It's from the "Orange Blossom" outfit often seen on Midge as bridesmaid at Barbie's wedding. For Yren's underdress, we used this little blue number that was a test of for Tammy pattern... And suddenly, Yren had become Alice in Wonderland--just as if I had planned it!


ms. noxy said...

Aww, she looks lovely! What a beautiful dress! And She would have been an awesome Barbie! Hey! Mayhaps "Barbie" could be a theme for a future forum photo project of the month! LOL. That would be incredibly interesting! I just hope I'll have an ED to play with by then. hehe

monika viktoria said...

The pinafore is so beautiful and sweet, it's perfect as an Alice outfit.
The little mouserat looks pretty happy perched atop her knee too!!!