Saturday, October 24, 2009

Yren in fall

Only last night in a note to Monika I was despairing of ever taking pictures of Yren that show her as I see her. And I'm sure Yren was despairing of it too--it's an affront to her singular beauty to have such an incompetent as I attempting to record it.

But today we ventured out into rain-soaked nature to set up a shoot so that at long last anyone who was wondering what Yren looks like with brown eyes and eye-liner might be satisfied. And here she is, giving you the kind of look she beguiles me with every day.

When we came back in, her hands were so cold, I couldn't ask her to go back out for a second session right away. So we begged a little computer time from my husband, who is eager to shoot aliens, and Yren is warming up again while I blog.

Modest success at photography is inspiring me to go back up to the Sewing Parlor and finish Yren's front bodice sloper, and then see what fabrics I might have that suit her, and then maybe try on some more blushers and lip colors. On n'est pas belle par hasard!

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monika viktoria said...

Dear miss Yren, you look amazing here.

An interesting observation I've made in nature, after it's rained, everything looks more beautiful. The trees just seem so intensely green, and the colours of things seem so much more vivid. No less true for Yren here, seems the rainy atmosphere helped bring out her features!