Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Yren Meets My Sisters

With my home computer down, I haven't had much of a chance to talk about Yren's introduction to my extended family last month. But I have a while now. There are three reactions I want to talk about: we'll see how far I get tonight.

Yren made the trip north inside her box, tucked up cozily in Noxy's comforter for security, and the box in my arms the whole way.

First I showed her to my oldest sister, Mary. Jean was near-by too, but she had her apron on and was stirring and fixing up dinner. And she isn't quite so interested in dolls as Mary and I are; Mary and I were all dolls and ballet while Jean was more BB guns and horses. But she does take an interest in EDs for my sake.

Mary said that Yren is very beautiful, and that made me sigh with happiness. I could never be 100% content with a doll that Mary did not think was beautiful, if the doll was supposed to be beautiful. It's not just a Little Sister thing: Mary really does have wonderfully good taste. [Want to know who Mary's favorite ED is? Okay!]

I'm embarrassed to admit it, but Mary is better at posing Yren than I am. Much better. You know that picture of Yren lying on her yellow comforter? Well, that was just a poor imitation of what Mary did with that pose. Yren looked like she really was resting, all natural and relaxed, while in the version I did she looks all tense, like a strange noise just woke her up in the middle of the night.

And Mary said something else that made me very happy. She said that Yren has a pleased expression, that she looks happy to be with you and to be held in your hands. That is both true and important to me. When I open Yren's box to greet her in the morning, she never looks like she's thinking "OMG, how'd I end up with HER! Please, somebody, ship me back to Vancouver!" A few Enchanted Dolls I can think of would not enjoy living with me, I think--they are too high-powered for me. But Yren is just right.

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monika viktoria said...

You know what I thought was super cute, very interesting, and just sweet?
Your favourite doll is Dunyazade, who is the little sister of your big sister's favourite doll : ) Awww.....
I think that's very interesting indeed...

And farrah is indeed gorgeous, I have a friend in real life with similar features (she is an incredibly beautiful young lady), and have thought If I was a rich madam I would love to get a farah made in her likeness.
And while I'm at in one in the likeness of my little red-headed muse friend would make a cute doll too!! :-P