Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Congratulations, Annina!

Yren sends her best congratulations to Annina, who won the book giveaway on my daughter's blog at!

You will love the Mysterious Benedict Society, Annina! Great choice! I can't wait until the third MBS book arrives at the library so I can read that one too.


monika viktoria said...

Ohhh congratulations Anninaaaa!!! How awesome!!

I thought that book looked the best, too :-)

Soon you'll be receiving your new book AND Idunn.. well, it's christmas come early :-P

Annina said...

awww thank you Ruth, it was so unexpected that i won, what a surprise!! and thank you Monika as well.

it was so funny, i heard from Marina that Idunn was coming back, and then a day or two after i won the book giveaway of Emily, i couldn't believe my luck! :D

i'm sure i will love the book, it sounds so interesting, when i checked it out on amazon i put it on my books-to-buy list immediately!

thanks for the congrats Ruth and Yren and Monika!! ♥