Monday, November 2, 2009

Five Favorite Portraits of Yren

Yesterday I went through all the pictures on my hard drive and chose some favorite portraits of Yren I haven't posted before.

This is the only picture we'll ever see of Yren in that wig. A size four, it is too small for her--despite clipping the edges--and kept popping off her head. I wedged her crown down around it just to keep it in place long enough to take this picture. I think she looks nice in lighter wig colors; this one is Monique's "Paris" in chestnut brown.

I'm sending the wig to Monika in hopes that Fern's head might be just enough smaller to be able to wear it.

This is another shot from her "dark gown" session. I like how the angle of her head shows the exotic cast to her eyes...You don't see that so much in her full-face views.

In pictures like this, it's easy to imagine her as the daughter of an English sea-captain and a beautiful island girl.

Unlike most of my photo shoots, every shot in this one looked good! Yren was very pleased with me for working hard and improving.

This was from the last set of pictures we did of her unclothed--after that she said she wanted me to get busy making her some photo-worthy apparel, sooner rather than later.

We went outside to the backyard for the natural light. The background of dark pines just makes her skin look so glowing, and her eyes so blue.

Taken Yren's first day. I didn't like this one at first, not just because of the stray hairs in the way. It just wasn't how I thought she should look. But now I like how Yren's pixie-ish side shows.
As I get to know Yren better, I'm not expecting her to conform to my expectations of her as I used to; I'm letting her be herself. And this is part of who she is.

And finally, here is another one of Benjamin's pictures. I just like the way he posed her leaning to the side like that. Hmm, so far I've let only two other people handle Yren, and they both pose her better than I do! Oh well, I'll just call Ben in as a consultant on her photo shoots, I guess. I'll have to bribe him with MacDonald's fries though--talent doesn't come cheap!

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