Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Yren's Bikini: Protesting the End of Summer

It is a damp, drizzly November in my soul, and out the window too. Rather than grow grim about the mouth, I am protesting Winter's onset by making a totally frivolous and impractical bikini for Yren. Here she is on her favorite beach blanket.

In fairness to her, I should follow it up with flannel pajamas, as I have promised her I would do. Stylish flannel pajamas--she gets cold at night, but she won't wear anything grandmotherish, you know. And you can always tell when she doesn't like something you've put on her: she freezes. Then when you change her into something she likes, she looks all warm and friendly again.

Which brings me to my point about the bikini: you don't see her protesting that little article. Cold as it was, she didn't freeze. Oh, she just wants it all, this one!


ms. noxy said...

Aww her bikini looks GREAT! One hot doll you got there! Hehe

monika viktoria said...

Ruth - oh my goodness. Yren looks to die for here.

I'm SO glad to see these photo's, she looks utterly amazing, that little bikini top is just the CUTEST thing in the world (Fern wants one with french lace and pink polka dots, LOL)

I know it's been a struggle to keep miss Yren happy, but you've really excelled here. She looks perfect!!

aneemal said...

Lovely colour choice... goes with her eyes! And you're right... she doesn't look cold at all, rather smouldering instead!!! :)