Saturday, November 21, 2009

The smell of burning leaves...

Yren was feeling a bit unwell this morning and spent most of her day indoors. But later, when our country neighbors came out to work in their yards before dinner, she wanted to come out too, to rest in the warm afternoon sunshine and breathe in the crisp, magical scent of burning leaves.

No, she wasn't sick exactly... To tell the truth, she stayed up past 3 a.m. last night to finish reading Wuthering Heights and so this morning she woke up with a headache. She's always been rather a night-owl, but she still needs plenty of sleep and this time she just overdid it.

And to tell even more truth, she had been lounging about in her flannel robe, not her little Poiret gown and skimpy shawl. But when she heard that I was going to take photographs for her blog, then that un-glamourous bathrobe very quickly disappeared.

So here she is, to wish you happy fall days--or spring days, if that's where you are--and to recommend Wuthering Heights as a very absorbing read.


ms. noxy said...

Ha... Yren's a night owl is she? How lovely! She and I are alike in that way. I had meant to go to sleep around 6am this morning, but got distracted by thanksgiving grocery shopping... I think I'm about ready to pass out. lol

monika viktoria said...

Dear Ruth, I am so impressed by these photographs. Can I emphasize the *SO IMPRESSED* part a little more??? :-)
My favourite is the top shot, because it is right out of the pages of a vogue fashion magazine. Her pose is perfect, her gaze, the way you've cropped the image, so modern and enchanting!!
It almost looks to me like a perfect cover illustration for a book like wuthering heights.... but fern is blushing, she and I have not actually read it... perhaps it's time? Right now we're reading Wicked. We're slow readers though, we really need to fall head over heels into the pages of the book and feel a part of the story.

aneemal said...

Lovely photos, Ruth!! Yren has such a gentle demeanour.

Paiva said...

Hi Noxy! Yep, Yren will stay up with you and keep you company, whatever you're doing! Did you get your Thanksgiving shopping done?

Thank you Monika! It's always a thrilling surprise when I get a fairly good shot. I liked "Wicked" too! Some of the political parts were rather dry, as I remember, but the rest was lots of fun. Maguire is a favorite author, going back to his really early books.

Hi Aneemal! Thank you, and Yren says thank you for the compliment too. I think she does have a sweetness and gentleness to her; I'm grateful to Marina for painting her that way. Yren always looks to me like she has just asked, "How are you?" and really *meant* it. :-)

Anonymous said...

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