Thursday, December 31, 2009

...And Happy New Year, Too!

Yren and I are wishing for the very happiest of New Years to bring many sunny, funny wonderful things your way.

Miss Yren looks simply smashing tonight in a new couture creation from the house of Miss Orchid, her favorite designer. We took pictures of her modeling it earlier today, while it was still daylight, to show her off to best advantage.

Just wait till you see! I'm afraid we won't be able to post the pics yet tonight because the party will soon start--and also because sister Emily has siphoned off our Internet connection to her lap top so we can't upload a thing. Yren is just a little put out about that, let me tell you.

But here's a hint--her new ensemble looks spectacular with Biscuitbear's red hat!


aneemal said...

Want to seeeeeeeeeeee!!! An Orchid original - bet it's gorgeous!! Is it the red bow stockings?!?!

monika viktoria said...

Incorrect Aneemal - those are still not finished!!!!

They were actually originally intended to go with this outfit, but I, the seamstress, became lazy, or rather, in my own defense, swamped with other projects.

And yes, Orchid is fuming. lol. fuming red. hee!

Here in Aus we also wish a fantastic 2010, may it be more pleasant, more happy, more creaivity filled than '09 was, here's to the future, hurray!!!