Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Presents Part 2: for Yren

In an old copy of Barbie Bazaar magazine (May 2006) I found a Randall Craig pattern that was supposed to fit Model Muse body Barbies. Now I did not know what a Model Muse body Barbie was like, nor did it seem pressing to try to find out, but it looked like a fun pattern to try out. And here was this naked Barbie sitting there.

So I started out sewing it together just as designed, making no alterations or changes, except for using interfacing instead of lining on the bodice. But as I went along, I kept trying the pieces on Yren, and they kept fitting!

And I really liked the idea of this particular dress for Yren--really, it suits her much better than a 60s era Barbie anyway, and Yren needed a new sundress to go strolling on the beach at Christmas. Monika told us that's something people like to do at Christmas in Australia, and that they wear Santa Hats, so we had our minds made up that way.

There you have it. It was completely dark out when I was finally ready to take pictures, and I'm not skilled enough to compensate for it. The originals were the color of rusty cocoa!

But I did my best, and with a little luck I'll have a chance to take the shoot over again, and get some better ones. 

She got to hold her letter from Fern in this picture, but she wants to take more showing some of the other things Mayple, Biscuitbear, Noxy, and Blue Dot sent her. All we need is a sunny day off work, and this is the season to snag one!


ms. noxy said...

Oh her dress is lovely! She's so cute.

monika viktoria said...

Love this shot!!

*of course* the dress fits Yren perfectly, especially since you were sewing it to fit another doll - I don't think Miss Yren would allow that!!

She looks very typically Christmas day true-blue Aussie gal here!! A nice classy sun dress with a goofy santa hat. Everyone gets the day off, looks like Yren's ready for some snags and a glass of midday champagne!!

ps. which wig is that? her dark brown one or the more coppery one?

oh, pps. I do think this photo looks just fine, lovely!!

Annina said...

aww, Yren looks stunning in her new christmas sundress, it is as if she is saying "of course it fits me!" :D