Sunday, December 6, 2009

Finally, Yren's New Bikinis

As daylight was dying in the west, we sat by the window of the sewing parlor and photographed Yren. She was pleased on two counts: first, not to be modeling out in the snow, and second, to have had her lips done special for the occasion.

I've done pinky-red on her lips before, but the new tawny-orange color we tried out to go with her red wig was just smashing. It really brought out another side to her we haven't seen before. Now I'm anxious to try photographing it again with natural light, but for now we are both happy enough with these shots to share them here.

So here you can see the pattern tweaking I did with Yren's bikini bottoms. It's just a small thing, but as a bumbling beginner I have to encourage myself with small things. See, in the blue bikini, how the bottom goes absolutely straight across her middle?  I changed that a little so that it curves down a bit in front, to accent her own curves a little more. 

This is a very easy pattern and I thought of putting it here on the blog so that anybody who wanted to could make one. But maybe I'm the only ED person who's this obsessed with making the silly things!

And while I am confessing to sartorial obsessions, I may as well admit here that I'm also exceedingly fond of Biscuitbear's "18th Century Inspired" gown. I've made it twice so far, but have another two all cut out and have selected fabric for two more. Every time I visit Field's Fabrics another piece leaps out at me as being perfect for Yren and perfect for that dress.

Let's see--six 18th Century dresses is two more than the number of bikinis Yren has. (Blue, red, zebra, and also an "Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini" that I made for her just to go with the old 50s song, but the color doesn't flatter her.)

I think the message here is that I should start thinking about sewing something else for her! The poor child doesn't own a skirt!


monika viktoria said...

May I just highlight the most RIDICULOUS statement I have ever hear you utter: "But maybe I'm the only ED person who's this obsessed with making the silly things!"

.... um... no. you're not :-P

The boutique across the way from us has some really cute bikini's in their display window, and I thought I'd share the idea with you. The bikini bottoms do up at the sides with ribbons. This way they're a littttle more skimpy (I'm sure Yren won't mind) but it's easier to have them fit perfectly snug too.
Have you thought of making her a bikini from stretchy fabric? That way you can make them quite tight, but they'll still slip over her curves and hug her in the right spots.
I know that stretchy fabric can be a nightmare to work with though (I once made an entire man-sized frog-costume out of lycra. I still have nightmares)

I can't wait to see more of these 18th century gowns. Fern would love me to make her one, but I am LAZY.

ps. yren looks great in these shots. I was having trouble imagine the zebra stripe one, but, it looks great on her!!!

Paiva said...

Heehee, I guess there's enough obsession to go around, Monika! :-D Bikinis for all!

I have some cotton knit around to try making them with, and maybe some lycra too. Mostly I use quilting cotton because I have so MUCH MUCH MUCH of it.

Yren *loves* the idea of ribbon lace-ups! Suddenly she's not so anxious about skirts any more!

Annina said...

Yren looks so lovely in your bikinis, i agree that they are a great clothing piece to still display our beautiful ED's bodies without having them stock naked for people who aren't used to that!

i think the improvement you did is great, the round shape of the bottom looks good on her belly!
personally i would love if you shared the pattern, and i think Idunn would enjoy a bikini of her own!

it's funny, i am actually obsessed with making Idunn all kinds of things, i am just so LAZY though! Monika *looks up* you are NOT LAZY ;)
look at all the things you have made for your Fern and for the Couture boutique, and all the art you do, just wow! :)

*kicks lazy self to start and make some thing for Idunn* :-)))