Friday, December 4, 2009

The Lolita Look

Yren has two new bikinis, just because ED bikinis are so fun to make, and because my pattern needed a little extra tweaking, and most of all because an Enchanted Doll wearing a bikini can be appreciated almost as much as she can wearing nothing at all, but without shocking strangers who aren't used to them.

One bikini is a charming little pink-on-cherry-red pin dot, and the other, which she wears with her red wig, is a zebra stripe. And I did try to take pictures of them too, but didn't get a single good shot. Took her outside; she was patient, but the light was harsh. Tried again indoors near a window, but the shadows showed up way too much.

Rather than post nothing at all (for another week!), and blithely ignoring any connections bikinis might have with my next topic, I shall now talk about how Yren was accidentally introduced to my book discussion group.

My book discussion group is called "Classics Revisited" because we read all classic titles. Our title for November was Vladimir Nabokov's Lolita. When I started reading the novel, I very soon needed a bookmark--but did I go upstairs and choose one from my extensive collection of bookmarks? No I did not, I did what I usually do--grab anything flat and handy. In this instance, I grabbed a picture of Yren that was lying around--this picture of her--and used it for my bookmark.

The night of our book discussion, I was seated at the table next to the other discussion leader. I absently put the picture down beside me with my other papers...but Yren in her red pajamas caught his eye. He didn't know anything about dolls, but he immediately ceased upon her image here as being a Lolita type, and he said I must have chosen it subconsciously to suit the title. And then he passed the picture around the whole table so everyone could see her! Oh yes he did!

People just never know what to make of a fellow grown-up who likes dolls, do they? I felt sure this group didn't. But since some comment had to be offered, I told them about the artist, and her real Lolita doll, and what she sold for and where. And then a little about Lolita's fashion influence, for good measure. And so the whole doll/fashion idea became part of the book discussion; one participant said she thought Lolita as she exists in the book seems to be rather different from the popular idea of what a "Lolita" is like. Maybe the popular idea is closer to the way Humbert Humbert defined nymphets. I thought of reading the book a second time to clarify that for myself a bit, but truthfully, I didn't want to spend any more time in Humbert's company for awhile.

A critic once asserted that unless you know something about butterflies, it's impossible to understand the novel Lolita. I thought he meant Latin names and such lepidopteric stuff. But now I'm pretty sure it was the process of collecting butterflies that he intended.

One last thing: It's interesting that butterflies are associated with Enchanted Dolls too; not only because of their beauty and fragility and magical quality, but also--maybe--because they bring out the obsession and passion of the collector who wants to possess them all--one of each kind! I know what that's like.

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monika viktoria said...

*nods* Yes, I am a bit of an Enchantedopterist when it comes to wanting to get a specimen of each for my very very own.
I loved this blog entry, about how the discussion suddenly took on a new turn, and how little miss Yren is SO GOOD at wriggling her way to the centre of attention :-P I'm sure she loved it when you came home and told her what a fuss she'd created!!!!